TOP LIVEN COMPANY Ltd is an innovative sourcing & distribution company, involved in both exclusive representation and global supply of a wide range of quality pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare products. Based in Duhok, Iraq. The company is professionally managed catering to multiple industries and product categories and offering a high level of service and provide a full complement of added value services to pharmacies, retailers, organizations, hospitals, charities, agents, and distributors

From that time until now we made a managerial modernization and employed professional staff, along with other leaders to create new level of professional business.

Head Office

TOP LIVEN PHARMA head office is located in Duhok, Kurdistan. Likewise, our principals’ scientific offices’ headquarters are located in Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Baghdad, Basra, and Kirkuk.

A little History..

TOP LIVEN PHARMA was established in Iraqi market in the year 2012 as small medical supplier. Then we expand our business through establishing new divisions of our company in most of the Iraqi provinces in 2017 according to our expansion policy.

From that time until now we made a managerial modernization and employed professional staff, along with other leaders to create new level of professional business.

Business Description

Since then, TOP LIVEN PHARMA made a significant accomplishment and growth especially in representing international companies. The success achieved enabled TOP LIVEN executives to expand this establishment to incorporate divisions other than Medical supplies Equipment’s. The following are the current divisions:

1. Pharmaceuticals.
2. Nutrition & Health Care Products 3. Cosmetic Products.
4. Medical devices distribution.

While representing national and global principals, TOP LIVEN is involved in different functions that range from the registration of the manufacturing sites and products, to the distribution of these principals’ products throughout the cities and remote areas of Iraq market, to the promotion and marketing of these products.

Top Liven Group Customers

TOP LIVEN PHARMA has three types of customers:

  1. Private market customers
  2. Governmental institutions customers
  3. Tender customers

What can you expect from Top Liven Pharma

  1. For more than 3 YEAR, TOP LIVEN GROUP has proudly served the health and consumer sectors in Iraq
  2. Well-established business, led by the owner and board of directors
  3. Open-minded, professional, and qualified decision makers
  4. Qualified and motivated manpower
  5. Strong and efficient financial position which our principals can rely on for any future business development
  6. Six branches located in the main provinces to cover the remote areas and cities of Iraq
  1. Reliable and effective Drug Regulatory Affairs & Institutional Business department to ensure the registration of new companies and products in a reasonable time
  2. Qualified marketing and sales teams to ensure proper promotion and detailing of our products and services that satisfy our customers and goals
  3. An effective IT, which provides all the required data for the decision makers, and thus better outcomes
  4. Competitive and adaptable credit policy to ensure continuous availability of the products to all customers
  5. New and maintained fleet to ensure quick and professional service to customers in all areas
  6. Strong relationship with our principals, key customers, governmental institutions’ decision makers
  7. Fulfillment of all our promises and obligations
  8. In contact with the related global conference and exhibitions

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