We provide many services to our customers, including credit facilities, discounts, controlled return of expired goods and free shipping to all pharmacies across our entire distribution area.

TOP LIVEN GROUP offers several services to its customers. The following are some of those services:

  1. Complete coverage to all remote areas and distant cities
  2. Quick and proper delivery by our fleet
  3. Credit facilities
  4. Discounts such as cash, seasonal, and quantity discounts
  5. Free of charge goods, according to policy
  6. Regular and frequent visits to our customers by our well-trained supervisors, medical representatives, salespeople, and collectors
  7. Monthly supply and verification of customer’s statement of account
  8. Controlled returning of expired goods
  9. Proper handling of customer projections and effective solving measures for customer’s problems
  10. Special treatment for major customers such as the chains of pharmacies and subagents (whole sellers)

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