focusing on our customer experience and society by providing the most appropriate products and effective services.

  • We focus on our customers and society; we work to accommodate the changing needs of our Iraqi market.
  • We aim to satisfy our customers, play our role towards our society, and continually improve our business.
  • We provide the most appropriate products accompanied with effective services.

Management Strengths

  1. TOP LIVENGROUP executives lead, and are on-sight where they can effectively accelerate the decision process, direct people, solve problems and avoid bureaucracy.
  2. TOP LIVENGROUP executives represent a wide array of different backgrounds and professions, which has proven to be advantageous, making for more of a diverse and flexible establishment.
  3. TOP LIVEN GROUP work force is carefully selected to ensure quality in its establishment and to carry out, manage and develop its activities. Its selection is based on motivated professional and qualified employees, who are trained periodically.
  4. TOP LIVEN GROUP participates in many of the global and regional exhibitions and conferences.
  5. TOP LIVEN GROUP has a membership in the Federation of Iraqi Chambers Of Commerce (FICC).

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